Reversing into a car park bay

Parking in a bay at a car park is one of the maneuvers we often have to do when we want to go shopping or to a meeting, you may also have to do it on your driving test.

World Driving have produced this excellent video which explains how to do it.

If there’s any part that you don’t understand, please review it again.

Some tips:

Take your time – there’s no time limit. Accuracy is more important than speed.

Make sure its safe. Have a good look around for other road users. If you see movement, you should stop and see what  they are doing. If they stop continue with the manoeuvre.

Avoid turning the wheel while the car is stationary, as it can damage the steering joints

When you do turn the wheel, you should turn it very quickly.

This is your first reference point, where your car should be when you begin to turn into the bay. 

Find an empty part of a car park and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

…until you feel confident