Pass your test first time

- The best method to study for your Theory test

One of the most common ways people study for the Theory  test is to get a Theory test App, or buy a book with the questions and answers that might come up on the test and memorise them.

Another common method is to ‘cram read’, that is to read a lot in one go.

Neither method is ideal. There are over 1000+ questions in the question bank. that’s a lot of information to digest – unless you have a photographic memory!

Tips for success

  • Set yourself a regular time to study
  • Set yourself a time limit of say 30 minutes for each period of study.
  • Get some books or CD/DVD’s or study the theory online
  • Do read the Highway Code (HWC) and Know your Traffic Signs before answering questions as they are based on the HWC
  • Carefully read and understand the theory questions
  • Write notes or highlight anything that you think is important.
  • Try to be relaxed as you can while studying
  • There are no short-cuts to effective study
  • Don’t just try to learn the answers, when doing mock tests, you also need to understand why the answer is correct.
  • Don’t take the tests unless you are 100% confident of passing – cancel it if necessary
  • Failure is not an option

Must have books

Study materials are available from any large bookshop or online

The best time to do mock tests with the multiple answers, is after you’ve understand the rules in the Highway Code.

If you have a problem with reading, get someone to help. You can request to have one of the invigilators to read for you while taking your Theory test. This must be asked for when you book your test.

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