How to install and use the Total Drive App.

Installing the App

New students. Ive added you to our database. you should have received a text message from A Class driving school inviting you to download a Total Drive App on your smartphone.

App invitation text message
Step 1

Open the text message (shown) on your smartphone. You’ll see the following information:

  • Username is your mobile telephone number
  • Password has been generated automatically*
  • The Code is 7298 

*You will need to copy the Password.  This is important  so you can log in. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Step 2
  • Depending on what operating system you have, select the link, either iphone or Android you’ll then be directed to your App Store.
  • Click install.
Screenshot_20190912-193653_Total Drive
Home page
Step 3
When you have downloaded the App, Select the Account link at the bottom of the Home screen
Account page TD
Account page
Step 4

Step 4:

Select the link: Log in

On the Login page, add your telephone number, and the Password that’s on the text message I sent you.

If you have any problems logging in, please contact me.

How to use the App
Home pag explaination

The Home page is divided into five rows.

  • Lessons: This is where you can see what lessons you have booked.
  • Messages: You will get a This is where you can send a message to me.
  • Progress Planner: When you select this, you can see how your progressing in detail.

2nd row

  • Call instructor: My phone number
  • Available Gaps: This shows you what spaces are available so you can book the space.
  • Reflective logs: When you select this choose a previous lesson, swipe the lesson you want to add your own comments how you felt about the session.

3rd row

Driving Progress: you can see at-a-glance how your doing.

4th row

  • Theory Test: Reminds you about your Theory Test.
  • Next Lesson: Shows you if you have a lesson booked.


5th row

ME: when you’re on any page, it will bring you back to the Home page.

Ability: Shows your progress at-a-glance

Resources/Guides:  Various links to other sites

Account: Various information about yourself including your account details and our Terms and Conditions.