How many lessons will I need?

This is one of the most common questions a new student driver asks.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic number’.  That really depends on the person. While some people may take 25 hours to reach practical driving standard, others may take many more. For example, one person may find a particular task easy to master, while another may struggle, and may take a number of sessions  to get it right.

The number of lessons also depends on what previous road experience you have, such as riding a cycle or motorcycle. Those people will have some idea of road procedures, so won’t need as many as someone that doesn’t have any road experience.

Previous driving experience Estimated number of hours to test standard
No driving experience   50 to 75
Around 25 hours  30 to 45 
Around 35 hours  15 to 20
Test standard ( or recently failed a driving test)  10 to 15

As a rough guide, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency estimates that a person without any driving (or riding) experience requires around 45 hours with a professional driving instructor, plus another 30 hours independent driving. 

How often should I take the training?

That depends on your personal circumstances, such as work/home or financial situation. It also depends on how soon you want to reach driving test standard.

There’s two ways: Intensive courses and weekly.

Intensive courses are where you take a number of sessions over a short period, say 10 hours, 20 hours etc spread  over maybe 1 or 2 weeks (depending on your current skill level when you start). This type of course is suitable for someone who needs to pass quickly. However, an intensive doesn’t suit everyone as it means that you would have to learn the different skills over a very short time. To be able to start an intensive course, you must have passed your Theory test first, and have applied for your Practical Test appointment.

Weekly courses are where you spread your training over a number months. Most people use this method, as it suits their lifestyle and is easier to afford.