Driving test nerves

Before you take your driving test, be it the first time or more, it’s natural to be nervous.

However, its how you deal with them is the important factor. If your a ‘shivering wreck’ your going to find it difficult to think about your driving. However having a few nerves is a positive thing as it will help you to focus on your task. If you’ve had sufficient practice, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t pass.

If it’s your first attempt, you may probably thinking of the worst. Having been in the training business for a long time, I know the test is no where near as bad as some people imagine it will be.

One of the reasons we get anxious before a test, is the fear of failing. If you can keep calm, you’ll have a better chance of passing.

It’s important to relax during your drive.One way to do this is to: Take a very deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds, while tensing every muscle in your body, then breath out.

You can also close your eyes, and imagine that your on your test, and driving so well that at the end the examiner tells you that you’ve passed.  While your eyes are closed, just think of the things you can do, having passed.

You’ll find that your examiner will be understanding, as they have had lots of exams to get their job, so they know how it feels to be under stress. They will try to help you as far as they’re allowed to.

I’ve never met a successful business or sports person that settles for second best.

Your examiner will also want to to see that your driving confidently and following the Highway Code rules.

The important thing, is to be positive, as FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

If you do make a mistake on your test, I understand that’s not easy but try and forget about it as soon as possible, as it may just be a minor fault that may not have failed you. If you do keep thinking about it, your likely to lose concentration.

If the worst happens, and your not successful, you can always re-apply. It just means that you need to have your weaknesses sorted out first.

Lastly, GOOD LUCK!