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Choosing a driving school

Before you start your training, it can be difficult to choose which driving school to go with as there are so many. So where do you start?

One way is to search the internet, or call a few local schools.

If you decide to take this route, you need to ask the driving school some questions, such as:

  • Are they qualified and for how long?
  • When did they last have a Standards check? Every driving instructor must have to undergo this check by the DVSA.
  • What Grade did they get?  Every trainer is periodically  assessed and given either a Grade A or B. Grade A is the highest.
  • Can they give you the names of previous successful clients?

If you decide to go with a large school, you should check that the instructor that will be assigned to you is fully qualified, as they must display a green octagon licence on the left side of the windscreen. If the licence is pink, this means that your instructor needs to pass the final qualifying exam.

Or, a better way is to talk to your friends and family members who they were taught by. This will give an idea who your friends (or family members) would recommend.

Driving school prices vary, from around £20 per hour to £30 plus. Price should not be too much of an issue as would be the service you get from them. It can be false economy to go for the cheapest, as it may cost you more in the long run.

Another choice, you may decide to have a friend or family member teach you. While this may save you money on your lessons, it might be a false economy as your accompanied driver may not have the necessary skills, unlike a professional instructor. However, its good to have private practice once you have reached a safe level of experience as it will give you more confidence.

Once you start your driving lessons, you will need to feel comfortable with your trainer.

Do they put you at ease?

Are they patient, and understand your problems?

Do you feel that you’re making progress with them?

If you have answered no to the any of the questions above, it’s time to look for another trainer.