Changing lanes

There may be various reasons why you would have to move to another lane. Some of them are:

  • To turn right
  • To overtake 
  • Where the lane your in may be blocked
  • When road signs and markings show that you need to use another lane

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You should plan the lane change in good time – don’t leave it till the last moment which can annoy and frustrate other drivers.

Bear in mind that it takes time to perform an overtaking manoeuvre.

Give a signal to let drivers in the lane that you want to go into know of your intentions – don’t wait till you can see a gap – until you do, other drivers will be expecting you to stay in the current lane.

When looking for a safe place to change lanes, you should avoid slowing down, as this will affect other drivers behind you. Any drivers that are in the lane you want to go into, are less likely to ‘let you in’ if your moving slower than they are.

You should not force your way into another lane. Wait until there is a safe gap in the lane that you want to move into

Be patient, as it takes time to gain confidence changing lanes. 

How to change lane

If you’re planning to change from the left lane to the right, check (glance) your right door mirror, Don’t stare in it.

If you see a vehicle getting bigger in the mirror, that means the driver will be driving past you. However, if the vehicle is maintaining the same speed as yourself, (staying the same size) they are willing to allow you to change lane in front of them. When moving across, avoid swerving.

After moving across, check your mirrors.

Changing to the left lane is the same as moving left to right  except you use the left door mirror.