How to deal with junctions

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A junction is where two or more roads meet each other. when approaching a junction you should take care as they can be potentially dangerous.Well before you reach a junction, you must carry out a series of actions. They are called the MSM and PSG and LADA. The are:

The MSM PSL routine

  • Mirrors – check them so you know the speed and position of any other vehicles around you.
  • Signal if turning left or right in good time so any other vehicles know what your planning to do.
  • Manoeuvre 
  • Position your vehicle correctly in good time depending on where your going.
  • Speed – reduce your speed depending on the type of junction and who has priority.
  • Gear (if driving a manual) – so you can be ready to proceed when safe

The LADA routine

  • Look for other traffic at the point you can get the best view
  • Assess the situation – such as do I have  to stop
  • Decide – whether its safe to go or wait
  • Act – on what you have decided

Turning left into a minor road

Use the MSM/PSG and LADA routine on approach

Check mirrors – interior and left door mirror – be aware of a cyclist that may come up on your left

Signal left in good time. If there are other junctions before the one you want to take wait until you’ve passed them. 

Road positioning – keep well to the left where possible

Speed – you should slow down sufficiently so you keep control – bear in mind that some corners can be very sharp

Keep well to the left when turning, and look for hazards in the road your turning into

Check mirrors again after turning

Turning right into a minor road

Use the MSM/PSG and LADA routine on approach

Check mirrors – interior and right door mirrors for another vehicle that may be overtaking you

Signal right in good time so you make other road users aware of your intentions

Position your vehicle just left of the centre of the road, or if there are lanes, move into the right hand lane in good time. This will help other drivers to know what your doing.  Avoid changing lanes at the last moment, as that can cause a collision

Reduce your speed – this will give you time to assess the situation

Select the appropriate gear depending the situation whether you need to stop

When turning right into a minor road, give way to any oncoming traffic. Stop if your not sure if it’s safe to go

As you turn you MUST NOT drive over the centre line of the road your turning into, and keep checking for obstructions.